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 Every rabbit and guinea pig we care for leaves a special paw-print on our hearts.  Here are just a few of our recent rescues in their fur-ever homes.



Poly and Siouxie arrived at the rescue in 2022 having being taken by someone who found they were being given away. These beautiful girls who's history is unknown found a home locally and now live their best life int heir own purpose built shed with large run as well as free space to run in the garden when supervised.



Ollie came to the rescue January 2022, he had belonged to a young person who had struggled to look after him. He had a messy bottom and was overweight. With appropriate diet and care over several months he improved and has now found a home with one of supporters. Ollie was paired with Lola who had been living in a small space indoors for several years before coming to the rescue. Both rabbits are now happy together.



Merry and Joy came to the rescue in December 2022. They had been living in very poor conditions in freezing weather. There was a group of rabbits and we agreed to take 3.  Due to the state they were in when they arrived we could not even establish if Joy was male or female. After neutering they were paired up again and with love and care they blossomed. we were very proud when we took Merry and Joy to the Yorkshire Show in July 2023 where they helped raise awareness and educate the people who visited rabbit village. In September Merry and Joy found their forever home.



Bramble age 5 years came to the rescue October 2022 when his owner asked for help. The photos of his living conditions were very upsetting to see and when he arrived his feet were extremely sore and painful for him.  He lives indoors at his foster home however in  the summer he was able to go out with his boots on. His feet have improved but still need medication.  Bramble now lives with Molly one of our long stay rescues.



Flo (dark grey) came to the rescue age 5 years approx.  She had previously lived with other rabbits and as they passed away she had been left living alone and was very lonely.

She paired up with Oreo (black and white Dutch), who was also in the rescue, very easily and they adore each other. They have been rehomed together.



William (on the left of the photo) came to the rescue the week before Easter 2021, he had been found by a farmer out in open countryside.  Due to the location we believe that he had been abandoned.

William was only young and sadly the other rabbit seen with him was never caught.

We discovered that William was a friendly happy rabbit and we all soon fell in love with him. 

William was neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and subsequently found a home with one of our supporters and her female rabbits Elizabeth and Bluebell.

He now lives with the girls in a large shed with run attached as well as having access to the garden when his owner is home to supervise.

William is a very lucky rabbit, his fate could have been very different had he not been found and brought to the rescue.

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