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Rabbits will only be re-homed in pairs or to live with another neutered and vaccinated rabbit (unless there are exceptional circumstances based on the health and wellbeing of the individual rabbit).

Accommodation and exercise areas must meet RWAF and RSPCA standards.

Rabbits must have suitable enrichment, eg, toys, tunnels and hideouts and these must be replaced regularly.

We expect the rabbit to have fresh clean water from a clean bowl or bottle and to be fed a suitable diet.

Anyone adopting a rabbit from the rescue is required to sign an agreement that they will meet the rabbits welfare needs and make sure that the rabbit has a happy and healthy life by providing suitable housing, diet, water, companionship, socialisation and exercise.

All rabbits are vaccinated before rehoming and it is a requirement that these vaccinations are continued by the owner. 

If at any time the adopter is unable to keep the rabbit (or guinea pig) then they must be returned to Acorn Rescue and not passed on.

Acorn Rabbit Rescue reserves the right to reclaim the rabbit should there be any breach of the agreed conditions.

Home Checks are carried out before and after adoption.

Adoption Donation:

We request a donation for the adoption of a rabbit or guinea pig from the rescue, this is to cover the costs of neutering, vaccinations and any other health needs. 

These donations are a minimum of:-

  • Female rabbit = £70

  • Male rabbit = £60

  • Guinea Pig = £25

Adoption Policy: About Us
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